Biuro Rachunkowe Eproco - Ostrów Wielkopolski

  • Innovative accounting office

    Eproco means not only the accountancy, but a wide offer of services being also the staff-payroll services, economic consultancy, vindication of the dues/arrears, etc.

  • Complex and stable service

    The ‘Eproco’ accounting office is serving the customers from the whole area of Poland and abroad, and is permanently taking care of the quality of rendered services.

  • It’s more than simple accountancy!

    ‘Eproco’ provides the high quality accounting services and makes to its Customers available access to the Manager’s Desk and extended analyses of the Customer’s enterprise.

  • Complex personnel-payroll service

    Service of the staff matters, settling of the remunerations, recording of employees in Poland and Germany, as well as many others.

  • Economic consultancy for the companies

    Recording of activities in Poland, making of agreements, consultancy related with tax optimization, items of advice on the activity running in Poland, etc.

  • Vindication

    Services related with recovery of the debts in the territory of the entire Poland. The offer covers the amicable vindication, making of the court lawsuits and bailiff’s executions.

  • All for the company under one roof

    ‘Eproco’ is rendering a series of additional services which influence the proper functioning of each out of the enterprises being served.

  • High quality at attractive price

    Modern technologies and innovative solutions enable Eproco to render the high quality services at attractive price.

  • Current items of information on the accounting office

    Pieces of information on the company’s activity, press newsletters and interviews related with Eproco, and reports from the awards ceremony gala (Quality of the Wielkopolska Region, Visioner, etc.)

  • Easy contact and convenient location

    Feel free to contact our company representatives. We cooperate with company from Poland, Germany and Great Britain.

Offer of the Accounting Office:


The Eproco Accounting Office are the high quality accounting services for companies. Every accounting department has got available for Client free access to the Manager’s Desk (the Manager’s Desk is available in Polish, English and German). Eproco also offers to its Clients extended analyses with detailed management information.


HR and Payroll

The HR and Payroll are the all sorts of services related with hiring of employees. The Offer for HR and Payroll covers, among others, running of employees’ files, settling of employees and making of employees’ declarations. Eproco offers registration and settling of employees in Germany as well.


Economic Consultancy

The Eproco legal department are the services including, among others, creating and analysing of agreements, registrations and transformations of companies, creating of financial analyses of enterprises and business plans, developing of information items related with changes and amendments in legal rules, etc.


Vindication of the Arrears

Eproco is running for its Clients the vindication services which cover, among others, sending of summons for payments, making of court lawsuits, supervising of the bailiff’s executions, etc. Vindication process is being run against debtors from the territory of entire Poland.


Health and Work Safety Service

The Accounting Office also performs for its Clients services related with Health & Work Safety and Firefighting of enterprises. Eproco is running the employees’ trainings in the scope of Health and Work Safety, makes the evaluations of professional risks, etc.


IT Support

The IT department of the Accounting Office takes care of the Eproco Clients’ computer infrastructure. This action allow to increase the safety of data sent from the Client, and to provide proper functioning of the Client’s computers.